Digitizing Your Logo or Design

Digitizing is the indispensable foundation of any embroidered design. In essence, digitizing is the sophisticated process of converting text or a printed design into an embroidery format. The output of this conversion is a set of instructions that directs the embroidery machine to know what thread color to sew and where to place each stitch, culminating in a thread based mirror image of the original.

The specialized field of digitizing requires an artist’s skill coupled with a precise understanding of graphics, text and imaging. Lantana Embroidery Studio uses the seasoned talents of New Visions Digital, and its award-winning, 19-year veteran of the digitizing and embroidery industries.

Digitizing fees
Digitizing your logo is a one-time charge, much like a setup charge for printed materials such as letterhead and business cards. Once the design is approved, it can be used over and over at no additional charge. The price of digitizing is based on the number of stitches necessary to create your logo. The fee for digitizing is $20.00 per 1,000 stitches.

This one-time fee can prove very cost effective for your advertising dollars.

Quick Fact: When digitized for embroidery on the left chest of a shirt, the average corporate logo ranges from 4000—6000 stitches, translating to a $80—$100 setup fee.

Send us your logo
The fastest, easiest way for your logo to be digitized is to
e-mail it in a digital format such as jpg file to:

Your logo is reviewed and an estimated stitch count is determined. We then notify you of the your price to digitize the logo. With your approval, the logo will be digitized and a sample sew-out of the logo will be provided to you before we proceed with the embroidery.

This one-time setup will take a few days and if changes are required, it will take a few days more. Please keep this in mind.

Quick Fact: A sew-out is a replica of the finished design and is provided to you for approval before proceeding with the actual embroidery. Any changes to the sew-out will incur additional charges and time to complete.

Logo Dimensions/Placement
Most corporate logos are sewn on the left chest of a garment and measure between 2-4" wide and 2-4" high. The location of the design will help determine its overall size. See logo placement for more details on dimension/placement.

Quick Fact: Resizing an approved design (to be either larger or smaller) will incur a small editing fee.

Digitizing Considerations

Quick Fact: An embroidered cap or visor sews best from the center out.

See the embroidery gallery for various examples of stitch details.



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