Logo Placement

The traditional placement of a logo on a garment is on the left chest, approximately 8" down from the shoulder seam and centered between the placket (neck opening with buttons) and the sleeve seam.

Garments with pockets normally have the embroidery centered over the pocket and placed approximately 1/2" above the top of the pocket.

Considering where the embroidery will be placed on the garment/item will aid you in determining the best size to use. A corporate logo is usually sized between 2-4" wide and 2-4" high for a garment. This fits extremely well on a left chest with or without a pocket.

Ball caps are customarily embroidered on the front of the cap. If you are interested in ball caps or visors, realize the height limitation inherent in the item. Keep your dimensions under 2" high. The width is less restrictive at up to 5" wide.

Quick Fact: Embroidery sewn on the right sleeve of a garment will read from back to front.

Location/Placement Options
Multiple locations of embroidery on an item can be very impressive. Be aware that additional locations of embroidery will increase the price of each garment.

Quick Fact: With so many options available to you, let our years of experience in logo placement guide you to the visual impact you're seeking.

Other Items: Towels: Golf, beach, sports towels are all wonderful corporate gift ideas. Embroidery placement can be achieved in a variety of locations. Centered at top, bottom or middle, or placed diagonally in a corner.

Stadium Blankets: The options for placement of embroidery are plentiful.

Baby Items: bibs, tee shirts or infant wear can be embroidered with your logo in a number of locations.






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